“NATURALLY GOOD” Face Care - first 100% Climate Neutralized products from NIVEA

Our NATURALLY GOOD face care products are 100% climate neutralized since 2021 - a revolutionary step for NIVEA in the mass market of cosmetic products.

How we did it? We used ISCC certified jar material supporting mixed sources and have significantly reduced the CO2 emissions in the production process of our jar.

Considering the annual volumes of our NATURALLY GOOD jar, we are saving approx. 1.054 tons of CO2. This is corresponding to approx. 150 elephants.

Moreover the electricity used in our production of the formula in Poland is from 100% renewable sources and the remaining emissions are balanced via a certified (Verified Carbon Standard Certification) afforestation project in China, converting barren land into natural forest.

Take Action

If you would like to learn more about the project and join us on this journey to reduce emissions, please provide your contact details and we will be happy to get in touch.